If your quarry goes hard, leave no home to go to

What's brought you my way, drifter?   Submit   I have a lot of opinions on things. They evolve constantly, as do my interests, though they are glacially slow to do so; therein, I have no idea how to tell you what to expect. I love discussion, especially when someone involves is impassioned on the subject. I post clouds in masse, when I'm in a poor place. I speak out constantly on discrimination, especially in the case of LGBT folk and disordered folk, including my own personal struggle in both arenas.

Remember that people just want to own their own existences, to have the autonomy to increase their happiness and decrease their own suffering more than others have that control or right. Be kind, open, pliant, and alert. Fight, in whatever respect, only after this and only with discipline thereafter.


This little guy was just strutting along the side of the road, couldn’t have cared less when we drove up beside him.

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Lucifer and Gabriel - Constantine

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I got so many pictures of this freaking Callie she was so perfect jesus save me. i could not believe how kawaii she was i think i started crying due to cuteness

here is her blog wowie!! 

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I have an Instagram that’s mostly food and cats, but sometimes there’s art. Here’s a few things that didn’t make it onto Tumblr.

Lowell  | Lamp Progress
Cogna Detail | Emri & Skeleton
Witch design | Secret Project Preview

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